Children’s Worlds is a world-wide research survey on children’s subjective well-being carried out by the Jacobs Foundation in co-operation with a group of renowned international child well-being experts.

On this website, you’ll find information on the background and concept of this survey, on how to participate in it, on how to carry out the survey and file its results, and on the initiators, partners and scholars behind it.

This research study has the purpose of ascertaining, and improving, children's well-being by creating awareness among children, their parents and their communities, but also among opinion leaders, decision makers, professionals and the general public.

The specific aim of the study is to collect solid and representative data on children’s lives and daily activities, their time use, and in particular on their own perception of their well-being. The survey should also reveal how well children have a say in matters that concern them and how effectively they can influence and determine the course of their own lives..

It is assumed that the issue of children’s well-being goes far beyond the extent to which they are able to exercise their rights. Children’s overall well-being is an important prerequisite for children attaining the fullness of their lives and becoming the persons they are meant to be.

By determining the degree of children’s well-being in as many countries as possible, it is envisaged that this will raise the general awareness regarding children’s well-being and their life situations and to more effectively influence government policies and services that affect children.